Principal Jason Tapia Presented to Architecture students at DASH High School in the Design District

Jason Tapia, AIA gave a lunch time presentation to high school students in the architecture department at DASH The department is headed by Eric Hankin. The presentation focused on presenting the careers of five of Jason's classmates from Cornell and MIT who received their design training in architecture school but who have elected to pursue a non-traditional practice. They are each doing fascinating and novel things with their architecture degrees. The classmates presented were Amanda Williams (Cornell), artist:, and professor at IIT; Jutiki Gunther (Cornell), Director of an urban non-profit focusing on teaching children how to make robots:; Matthew Bannister (Cornell), CEO and Founder of; Christine Outram (MIT), inventor and patent holder of the Copenhagen Wheel; Sklyar Tibbits (MIT), Professor at MIT 

The presentation was well received by the faculty and students: "We are so glad you agreed to spend time with us here last week. The presentation was well thought out and made an impression with our students ... I can tell you helped some of these young minds formulate new ideas." -Eric Hankin, Teacher