Lead by BC3 Senior Designer, Claudia A., the team completed the design for 2,000 Square Feet of interior remodeling for the Sunset Harbour South community room. The new design replaces the original space completed when the building was built. Long overdue for an update, the need for a renovation was accelerated by recent flood damage. The scope included creating a new conference room, a party area with banquette seating, lounge seating, informal dining, and catering kitchen. To view the materials board selected by the team on Instagram.


The design team sought have the lounge space (above) feel like a hotel lobby—comfortable seating; mutliple areas for distinct groups to convene and socialize while also attentuating the sound within the space. The wood slat ceiling allow sound pass through and become attentuated by a sound blanket above. The recessed cove ceiling has acoustical ceiling tile and the rug on the porcelain floor also helps reduce sound reverberations within the space. Also baove in the background a conference serves as the Board room and the folding sliding doors open during “town hall” meetings where residents can become more active participants in the meeting. Slides can be presented to the audience with a flat screen TV mounted on the wall.

Below is the dining area meant for parties, sporting events and other activities where the kitchen may be in use. But the space is flexible enough to have spontaneous meetings or allow a laptop user to leave the distractions of their home and come sit at a table and study or work in a “Cafe” setting.