The Team at BC3 (Pawel Hanusowski-Architecture, Daniela Romero-Landscape Design, Alejandra Saul-Interior Design, Claudia Aravena-Interior Design, and AnaClaudia Magalhaes-Landscape Design) completed the design of Ecotech Visions’ new Corporate Headquarters and Co-Working Space in the Pinewood neighborhood of Miami Dade County.

The project has been designed to achieve Net Zero Energy through the extensive use of solar photovoltaics on the roof and canopies in the parking area. The scope includes converting an existing 10k SF warehouse to office and industrial space by adding a second floor to portions of the existing building and a new 2k SF addition for the greenhouse on the south facing facade. To see the team’s early stage sketches follow the link:

The team’s concept focused on recreating the functions of nature and the role of the forest in the planet’s ecosystem. There are four layers of a forest: Emergent, Canopy, Understory and Forest Floor. Metaphorically the solar PVs play the role of the emergent layer–collecting energy and filtering sunlight to below. The openings in the flat solar PV canopy allow nature to pierce through technology, intertwining the vertical vines with the structure. Large skylights concentrated near the vertical vines will allow natural light to penetrate through the second story of the office space down to the first floor. These spatially interconnected skylights bring light and vitality to the ground level, which we envision as the forest floor.

Interior Design
The client expressed an interest in preserving the industrial aesthetic of the existing warehouse space and also felt that many of of startup companies that will call Ecotech home will also be “gritty” businesses that make tangible things rather than only creating content for the digital world. The design will mix new construction with reclaimed elements, such as reclaimed wood for the tables, horizontal work surfaces, and the reception desk. The new construction elements will be a custom glass and steel office front system using barn door hardware for wider office entries. The interior floors will be left as the original concrete on the ground floor and the new second level floor will have an unadorned concrete floor finish. Overall the color palette follows cues from the company’s colors and adds a brighter accent green. To see our inspiration board on Pinterest:

EcoTech Visions is a green business incubator and accelerator where start-ups can successfully plan, launch, market, and grow their businesses, while simultaneously extending into the marketplace.