CU1 Gallery

CU1 Gallery is located in the Historic Security Building, built in 1926 in Downtown Miami. The building was formerly the home of a bank with a very conspicuous vault. In its latest incarnation the ground floor double height space behind the lobby entrance serves as an art gallery for fine photography featuring European photographers Paul Solomons with Simon Emmett, Billy and Hells, Tina Luther, Christopher Thomas and Roger Weber, and, recently, Cheyco Leidman.

BC3 was hired to add the final design elements necessary to complete the space and also to comply with current building code requirements for guardrails on the second mezzanine level. The client and the design team had a clear vision of an aesthetic that would work well in the historic space–a space where the the crumbling cornice work adds to the feel of ancient ruin. Ultimately after many trials involving varying pipe diameters and many cable thicknesses the client settled on 2 inch cast iron pipes with stranded stainless steel cables.

Part of the design challenge was how to terminate the ends of the cables without using the existing columns. The final design incorporated the cast iron pipes as a terminus by using four 4 inch deep concrete bolts into the existing slab. Each bay required Five of these posts in order to provide the necessary lateral force resistance dictated by the building code.

The gallery and ownership of the building have changed hands but our simple contribution to the aesthetics and safety of the historic interior design will hopefully be appreciated by the newest tenants and owners.