Get To Know Your Florida Plants (09)

Posted by BC3 Team March 31, 2017

Tough urban plant, summarizes this Florida native tree. The Silver buttonwood earns its name from the color of its small but thick leaves that are covered with fine hairs on both sides. Like an unarmed sentinel guarding cars and pedestrians it is often planted along highways, on sidewalks and in parking lots. With a low tree height of 15-20 feet and a canopy range of 15 – 20 feet this tree can masquerade as a shrub if pruned attentively. The Buttonwood is drought tolerant, low maintenance and resistant to salty South Florida air.

Here at BC3 we have specified the Silver Buttonwood tree on Delta Line, a small nondescript project whose scope involved a new three berth truck loading ramp and bioswale to disperse the storm water pumped from the base of the ramp. This specimen was planted along the edge of the bioswale. Follow link to see progress of the project.

Download the data sheet for this tree.