Get To Know Your Florida Plant [10]: Spanish Stopper

Posted by BC3 Team August 13, 2017

The Spanish Stopper – Eugenia foetida (Latin for “smelly”) is a Florida native with a growth pattern having multiple stems–for this reason it can be planted as small tree or large columnar shrub. The specimens we observed were not “smelly” but rather leafy at the crown–growing tall and straight but lacking a wide diameter for its canopy. The leaves are oval, small and firm/tough with pinnate venation. The plant flowers all year round but peaks in the summer–during our visit it was hard to observe any flowering but we included pictures from other sources online. The fruits are small berries: brown or black and the bark is scaly, thick and hard. We selected this plant for our Miami Times project because we think it’s a good low maintenance species with moderate drought tolerance for planting beds with limited space.

Download our datasheet on the Spanish Stopper.