Sustainable by Necessity

The Sustainable by Necessity (SBN) competition project addresses the growing need for affordable and sustainable housing in the State of Florida. The design is a hybrid of sustainable strategies for residential homes in the tropical and sub-tropical climates. SBN seeks to eliminate irrigation water consumption by the use of rain water catchment and gray water filtration. The design also adapts to solar orientation by shifting its axis according to location while Living Green Walls are installed alongside the home at points where shade is needed. Given the humidity in the region, natural air ventilation is ineffective; instead, we proposed a hybrid system that yields a 40% annual energy savings over a conventional split unit system used in isolation.

We have designed a 1,281 sq ft home that also provides infrastructure for incremental growth over time. The total estimated construction cost is $129K. The goal is for SBN to be understood as the prototype that will shape the direction of housing design in 21st Century Florida.