Praca da Cultura

The Praça da Cultura Competition project is at site located in a public square in Alagoas, Brazil. The main concept of Praca da Cultura is a linkage element that interconnects the programmatic zones of the plaza. These zones, developed in a circular motif, define their boundaries physically and visually. There are spaces designed to be dedicated to specific uses as well as flexible spaces for events and community gatherings.

The design closely follows precepts of LEED by creating an area for bicycle racks, applying universal design requirements, maintaining the site’s open visibility, creating shaded pathways, and promoting community involvement. The project also addresses concerns of appropriate plant selection to mitigate water usage and the plants chosen are all indigenous or have proven to be hardy in the city’s climate. In addition, there are areas where pervious paving is proposed in order to help recharge the water table after rainfall. The proposal successfully combines sustainable strategies with meaningful amenities for the local population.