Design Team at BC3 Completes Design of Contemporary Addition to Historic Home

Posted by BC3 Team September 8, 2017

All three design disciplines at BC3: Architecture, Landscape and Interiors, collaborated on this project in the Buena Vista historic district in the City of Miami. The owner asked the team to highlight the original design of the historic home by providing a contemporary addition that would contrast rather than imitate the original. We chose simple materials: Exposed cast-in-place concrete, aluminum for the trellis and outdoor deck and plenty of flora to temper the hard-edged contemporary aesthetic. Conceptually we wanted to create two volumes: one for the master bedroom suite and the other for a family room–between them we wedged a landscape ribbon meant to grow/flow from the backyard into the interior of the home. To blur the lines of the interior and exterior we introduced a skylight where the addition meets the home. We felt when you enter the home there would be views straight through to the backyard–the combination of natural light entering from the skylight with vines growing atop the trellis would enhance that indoor/outdoor sensation.

In subsequent posts we will explore the interior design finishes and the specific plant selection that posted on our Pinterest board for this project.